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I’m interested in hearing your ideas and thoughts about painting. Feel free to contact me at : angie@malezieux.eu

Welcome to my website. I’m an American who lives in Paris France. My husband is French and is an artist as well. We met at the Louvre while making authorized copies of the master’s works in the seventeenth century Holland section. We were on the NBC Today show in May 2006 where they filmed us making a copy together as well as interviewing us in our home which they called the Mini- Louvre. I also like making copies of the Impressionists Masters at the Musee D’Orsay.
I’ve been painting in oils since I was eight years old, and since we have three small children who are little artists, I like to encourage them by collecting their best works, like my mother encouraged me.
Making copies at the museums is a wonderful experience, and it’s like going to the best art schools in the world. Copying the Masters has fine-tuned my techniques and has improved my originals immensely.
As far as my original art work goes, I like to paint realistic oil paintings that play with light, bringing out the richness of colors. I paint more originals than copies. I enjoy painting portraits, which are challenging, rewarding, and they have become my strong point. Water movement and reflections are fascinating to me as well. When I look at a ripple of water and see a reflection or image that is pulled and twisted around, it gives me wonderful ideas of how I could paint a scene and distort the image as if I was looking at a water reflection or a funny mirror. That’s how I was inspired to paint my wavy Paris Street Scenes which are now my signature piece.